Ontario Works Administrator

Aroland First Nation
Aroland, ON

Ontario Works Administrator
Position: Full-Time
Salary: Varies with Education and Experience
Posted: March 18, 2024
Closing: When filled

Position Summary:

The Ontario Works (OW) Administrator reports to the Band Administrator. This is a full-time position.
The OW Administrator has the authority to administer OW programs based on the Ontario Works Act,
(1997) and determine both:

1. Client eligibility for prescribed financial assistance under mandatory eligibility guidelines.
These OW Administrator’s decisions are subject to review and tribunal appeal; and

2. Eligibility for discretionary benefits under policies put in place by Aroland Chief and Council.
Decisions regarding discretionary benefits are not subject to review but are subject to oversight.

The OW Administrator is also responsible for:
• Financial management of the program budget and the availability of an effective, accountable
Social Assistance Program.
• Coordination of programs and supervising staff in the department.

 Prepare briefing notes for the Band Administrator and Government of Ontario on issues and
 Prepare program updates for negotiations with the Government of Ontario.
 Report to Ontario Works on a monthly basis.
 Keep the Band Administrator, Chief and Council up to date on Ontario Works negotiations.
 Prepare briefing notes and telecommunications for the Band Administrator.
 Consult other First Nations on Ontario Works negotiations.
 Liaison with Federal and Provincial representatives.
 Develop and supervise staff in the department.
 Facilitate internal and external program reviews and evaluations.

P.O. Box 10
Aroland, Ontario
Phone: (807) 329-5970
Fax: (807) 329-5750

 Prepare annual budget and work plans with the Band Administrator.
 Prepare and present quarterly program reports to the Band Administrator and Government of
 Prepare briefing notes for the Band Administrator, Chief, and Council on program issues.
 Monitor program budgets.
 Facilitate and monitor operation for effective appeal process.
 Adjudicating complaints when necessary in collaboration with the Band Administrator.
 Develop, recommend, and coordinate implementation of new revised services.
 Attend monthly meetings to discuss program issues and political updates.
 Prepare and respond to mail and email.
 Other related duties as assigned by the Band Administrator or required under legislation or
regulations pertaining to the Ontario Works Act.
 Other related duties as required

• Design, develop, plan programming, research and seek funding for the Ontario Works Program.
• Make revisions as necessary to ensure a quality program is delivered.
• Liaise/consult with the Ministry Program Supervisor on issues and opportunities to enhance the
Ontario Works program.
• Consult with Ministry of Environment on child care programs and supports.
• Consult with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development on funding issues.
• Develop relationships/connections with sponsors to develop employment opportunities for
Ontario Works clients.
• Ensure ministry reporting requirements are met (ie. monthly Form 5 claims, bi-annual Service
Planning, annual budget submissions, quarterly and year end reporting)
• Attend meetings internally and externally that affect delivery of program; attend community
agency meetings to identify gaps in services.
• Ensure the ongoing assessments of community needs are identified and appropriate program
adjustments to goals and objectives are recommended and implements where possible.
• Other related responsibilities as required

 Must have a valid Class “G” Driver’s License and be available to travel for and attend out-oftown training and meetings.
 A degree or diploma in Social Services, or related field, or 3-5 years related experience.
 Detail knowledge of Ontario Works Social Assistance Program, legislation and other relevant
government programs.
 Knowledge of spreadsheets, financial transactions and various relevant community agencies.
 Must be proficient with a computer: MS Office, Zoom, Adobe Professional and other programs
as may be required.
 Excellent communications skills and organizational skill; the ability to conduct interviews and
provide intervention skills.

 Ability to exercise good judgment and use discretion; work independently and as a team
 Able to work under, and manage, mental stress since may have contact with clients in stressful
situations who may be hostile or irate.
 Able to work well with deadlines, interruptions and some degree of unscheduled hours.
 Able to coordinate and manager staff.
 Able to take direction, prioritize, work independently and cope with many demands and time

Application Process:
If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume in person, by mail, or by email to:

Administration Office
P.O. Box 10
Aroland, ON P0T 1H0

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laine Gagnon at 807-329-5970.